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St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg

„Encourage girls, fight poverty, girls can count on us“

About 100 students from grade 5 to 12 of St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg get involved with education of Indian girls under this slogan. The meetings of the working group “One World” take place under the guidance of Mrs. Menz and Mr. Salzmann. Together, students and teachers search for ways to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation. Mother Baptista Simons stood in close contact to the group until she passed away. In exchange with her, the students experienced that the power to move mountains is in us all and that we have to work every day so that one day we could live humanely in one world.

To finance the education of Adivasigirls, the group hosts an annual Indian evening with Indian food, activity reports, dance and tombola et cetera. These girls live in boardings run by the sister of St. Joseph Sevika Sansta because their homes aren´t close to any school. They aren´t able to pay for the education of their children, the families can´t even bring up enough food or clothing.

In addition the students run a small “One-World-Shop” by themselves. Once a week during break at school and at school events, they sell coffee, tea, chocolate, orange juice, dried mango and rice. All products are fair trade. The generated proceeds are transferred to India, too. In 2009, the seven responsable students from grade 13 received an award of the European Charity University.

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