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The outstations are located in the federal states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisghar and Orissa. Situated in small villages, there are far from any semblance of civilisation as known to us. The people who live there are very poor and mostly illiterate. The supply of electricity is intermittent. During the months of dry season, from march to june, water shortage is a life-threatening issue.

Four to six sisters of the congeration work and live in each of the outstations. One of them, a skilled nurse, is in charge of the dispensary. At least one sister is trained as a social worker. Most of the outstations run a boarding school where basic school education is provided to children. Adults, preferably women, can learn to operate a sewing machine or participate in workshops which deal with agriculture and hygiene.

The sisters of the congregation intent to cultivate a close friendship with the residents of the neighbourhood. In a complex surrounding, they often depend on each other and try to improve life conditions of today´s and tomorrow´s generation together.

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