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Donations are mainly coming from Germany and the Netherlands, furthermore from Switzerland and Italy. They are collected and managed in St. Augustin. 100% of all donations are send to India and inserted as intended: for the education of adopted children, work with leppers, education of women and variegated social work such as at the AIDS-Centre, a children´s jail and two old-people´s homes. Who wants to adopt a child and sponsor its ecudaction, should address himself at St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg. An adoptions accounts for 15€ per month. More information is available under the menu item "Adoption".

Bank details:

Steyler Mission
Missionsprokur Sankt Augustin                                

Steyler Bank
account no.: 11009
BIC 38621500                                                          

Code: Social Welfare Centre Indore

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